Opening hours

The specific opening- and closing hours at Ørestad Gymnasium.

The school closes at 5pm all week.

Please notice and respect that visits are not possible from May to August (both months included) due to examinations and holidays.

Visits only after 3.40 pm

Due to our Open Plan design, no visits are permitted before 3:40 pm. We can only accommodate visits after 3:40 pm provided that you have booked in advance. These visits don’t cost anything, but you’re on your own with no guidance.

If you are interested in visiting our school, please contact us at   – It is imperative that bookings are undertaken well in advance.

During visits all guests have to wear a guest card which you will get from the reception desk.

Guided tours

On a limited basis, we provide conducted tours for larger groups, in which we offer an integrated perspective on our school, the educational philosophy and innovative architecture.These tours need to be confirmed well in advance, and the price is 2000 DKK which goes to a student fund. More info – click here
If you are primarily interested in the architecture of the school, it might be more informative to contact the architect, 3XN directly.