It is our aim to be a school which constantly tests new ways of organizing teaching.


At Ørestad Gymnasium we aim at being a school constantly testing new ways of teaching. Our building is extremely useful for this purpose, and we have lots of modern technology to support it.

Ørestad Gymnasium organizes the teaching in order to give the students the skills needed to complete further and higher education.

For more info and inspiration, please watch this excellent Brazilian tv-documentary (in English) about Ørestad Gymnasium as one of the most innovative schools in the world.

Different kinds of teaching

Also, we prepare the students for participation in a society based on knowledge and real life experience.

We organize our teaching as an interaction between:

  • traditional classes/plenary environments
  • group based learning environments
  • individual acquisition of knowledge (e.g. virtual teaching)
  • real life cases taught in co-operation with external partners.

To ensure the quality of the pedagogical development of the school and scientific documentation of the results, Ørestad Gymnasium forms relations with various pedagogical research institutes.

These include The Danish Institute for High School Pedagogy, Knowledge LAB, and Learning Lab Denmark at The School of Education, University of Aarhus.