Ørestad Gymnasium is part of a number of different networks.


Teaching is widely organized in collaboration with companies, institutions, and the local community.

Real life cases from outside school as well as external teachers from companies and universities are used. Also, parts of the teaching takes place in companies and the local community.

Teaching becomes more realistic and present to students, as they experience how knowledge is being used. All teaching activities are controlled by the teachers of the school to ensure that all network-based teaching meets the requirements of the study plan.

Working with other schools

The school develops network relations with other schools in Denmark and abroad.

The purpose of these networks is to ensure the sharing of knowledge and mutual inspiration between the teachers of the school and teachers from other countries. Furthermore, our aim is to have teachers and the management take part individually in different kinds of network collaboration.

Moving on from high school

To ensure the best possible connection between high school education and further education, the school is constantly developing network relations with tertiary educational institutions (e.g. The University of Copenhagen and The IT University of Copenhagen).

Also, Ørestad Gymnasium aims to play a role in the build-up of Ørestad City. Therefore, taking part in network collaborations with local partners has a high priority.