Integrating ICT in the classroom through media



Media complements instructor-led learning by encouraging students to listen to music, read print materials, or watching a documentary or movie clip. The primary advantage of this approach is that the instructor takes on the role of a facilitator who helps students interpret what they are listening to, reading or seeing. Media can also be student-generated. This approach utilizes asks the student to step into the role of the teacher and create content that will engage learners and help them to master concepts.

Films, videos and tv programmes are expressed through film language which has vocabulary and grammar like any other language, The pictures and the sound elements are the words, cuts and transitions are the punctuation and the editing is the grammar. Any producer of film and tv acknowledges the rules and conventions of film language, and any viewer perceives the final product in exactly the way it was intended by the producer.



  • Get an overview of the growing trend of integrating ICT into Education
  • Learn how to create and integrate images and videos in your classroom
  • Make contacts with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Europe
  • Learn how to produce and share a webcast
  • Enhance the cooperation between students and teachers



Creativity and innovation are essential skills in our future society. We aim to create a place where teachers and students stimulate each other to think in creative and innovative ways.

We teach students how to participate in a society in which the production of knowledge and experience is playing a steadily increasing role.


Content of the program:


  • Participants arrival
  • Guided visit in Copenhagen
  • Dinner
  • Participants presentations
  • Visit to the Primary School Orestad Skole
  • Introduction to the video production Theory
  • Independent working time in the city
  • Video Production Part II
  • Independent Working time in the city
  • Studio production -Group Working
  • Studio production -Final Work Presentations
  • Evaluations and diplomas


Price: 350€

Dates: 26th to the 31st of May 2019