The architecture 

The building

Ørestad Gymnasium is based in a spectacular and innovative building that reflects our teaching environment. The square facade gives a stringent and even closed-off look and does not reveal much of the innovative architecture within the building. But as soon as you enter, the open and organically shaped atrium reveals itself. Central in the building is the enormous winding stair which constitutes the circular centre of the building. 

The circular shape is repeated in the architecture of the round classrooms on each floor. Other classrooms are open-space areas perfect for group-based learning, and the environment can be rearranged by transportable bookshelves. The more traditional classrooms are shielded by see-through glass walls, supporting the open feeling of the building. Ørestad Gymnasium houses 12.000 square meters of flexible learning environments in total. 

“The building itself creates a strong sense of community among the students. The open- space environment makes it possible to catch a glance of your friends. Even though the school is very open, there is nearly no noise. The students are very conscious that they are responsible for other students’ learning by not making noise.” 

– Alisa Kheifetc – senior student at Ørestad Gymnasium.

The building of Ørestad Gymnasium has won The Copenhagen Cultural Fund award in 2007 and Forum AID in 2008 for best Scandinavian construction. The building was also nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award in 2009.

Mentions in the media

During the years Ørestad Gymnasiums architecture and teaching methods have been portrayed in the Guardian and The Wall Street Journal.


In their program “Learning World”, Euro News portrayed Ørestad Gymnasium as one of three schools with innovative design, and talked to teachers, students and our principal about how this untraditional design impacts the teaching and learning.


Also in the beginning of 2012, the German edition of the Financial Times mentioned Ørestad Gymnasium as one of the most modernized schools in Europe.

Read more on our architecture and its effect on teaching in this article by Trung Le at Fast Company’s Co.Design.

Ørestad Gymnasium Arkitektur - orestad high school architecture