Our Architecture

Our 2007-building in Copenhagen’s Ørestad-district offers a unique support for our profile and pedagogical visions.

Ørestad Gymnasium Arkitektur - orestad high school architecture

Teaching and architecture together

The building is created to nourish our pedagogy – aiming at a flexible and structured use of different learning environments.

Designed by 3xN, the building is an open space where all activities are visible to everybody in order to facilitate communication and inspire each other.

Mentions in the media

During the years Ørestad Gymnasiums architecture and teaching methods have been portrayed in the Guardian and The Wall Street Journal.


In their program “Learning World”, Euro News portrayed Ørestad Gymnasium as one of three schools with innovative design, and talked to teachers, students and our principal about how this untraditional design impacts the teaching and learning.


Also in the beginning of 2012, the German edition of the Financial Times mentioned Ørestad Gymnasium as one of the most modernized schools in Europe.

Read more on our architecture and its effect on teaching in this article by Trung Le at Fast Company’s Co.Design.

Ørestad Gymnasium Arkitektur - orestad high school architecture